Our Story

Pricing is an integral part of the economy. It determines what, and how much gets produced. It creates the profits that fuel growth and innovation.

Pricimetrics’ founders are passionate about pricing, and have been for a long time. And that passion created a thought: because of its importance, pricing should be done well. But in today’s world, that expertise is expensive; the price of pricing makes good practice inaccessible to most companies, and causes a lot of money to be left on the table.

The dream, our dream, is of a commercial world where optimized pricing for most products or services is democratized. Its a world where pricing is inexpensive and efficient. But how to get there? We batted around ideas, we honed our skills. We already understood pricing, and had great analytic chops. Eventually, we decided it was time. Time to build our own software, and bring it to business owners and executives who could use it.

Introducing Pricimetrics

Over the years, we have tested and analyzed several premium products on the market. And we developed our own philosophy, which became the foundation for Pricimetrics. We built Pricimetrics to produce better results and be faster to implement than just about anything else out there. Designed as software, we are not constrained by legacy systems and the same cost structure as our competitors. This allows us to bring Pricimetrics to you at a very attractive price.

Let us show you what we’re about.

Our Team

Mike Kimel
Mike Kimel
Founder / CEO

Mike Kimel has both started and led pricing and analytics groups in Fortune 500 companies and in Multinational Corporations, rising to the senior executive level over a career spanning more than two decades. Mike has a Ph.D. in Economics, has designed award winning self-adaptive software and has co-authored a book on US Presidents.

Harry Young
Harry John
Chief Economist

Harry has more than twenty years of experience in economics and statistics. He has worked for both the private and public sectors and has a deep knowledge and understanding of quantitative analysis, research, and expertise in statistical modeling techniques. He complements his professional experience by teaching and has lectured at Lakeland College since 2006. Harry has a Ph.D. in Economics from Kansas State University.

John Bentley, II

John Bentley, II is a software and technology professional with 30 years of experience building scalable systems for organizations of all sizes and most industries and functions. John has a background in business intelligence and market analytics. He has a BS in Computer Science from NC State University, MBA Social Media Marketing from SNHU, and is a graduate of / mentor for Founder’s Institute.